January 2017 // TBA, Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB
May 2016 // Semiopaque, with Tegan Moore, G Gallery, Toronto, ON
June 2016 // Staging, Open Studio, Toronto, ON
May 12 to June 25, 2016
G Gallery
with Tegan Moore

1-2. Installation 3. One hundred and eighty degrees, mirror, transparent clips, screws 5. Encasing, acrylic, screws 6. Wall mounted rack: one addition, maple, urethane, latex paint 7. Freestanding rack: one addition, maple, urethane, latex paint 8. Freestanding rack: one addition (detail), maple, urethane, latex paint 9. Not Quite There no.22, Failed drawing, frame, carpet shield

Accompanying text: Momentary Arrest by Karina Irvine
Either A New Or Existing Character
February 14 to March 14, 2015

1-6. Installation 5. Two levels: red accumulation mdf, latex paint, paper 8. Three levels: pedestal, mdf, paper, latex paint 9. Eeeee, maple and latex paint 10. Eeeee: not for placing, 2015 maple, stain, aluminum, paper 11. Two components: black rectangles, mdf, maple, paper, latex paint 12. Two components: tapeworm, mdf, maple, paper, latex paint 13. Two components: layered rectangles, mdf, maple, paper, latex paint 14. Wall mounted rack: two additions, maple, paper, acetate, masking tape, latex paint

It Exists In The Cut
April 20 to May 19, 2012

1-3. Installation 4. Standoff, cement, reinforcing steel 5. In Two Parts, paper, cardstock, adhesive 6. Through and Through, porcelain, grout and plinth 7. Standing, Resting, wood and clay 8. Neigh, paper