May 2017 // Residency, SIM, Reykjavik Iceland
June 10 // Publication launch with Kim Neudorf at DNA Artspace, London ON
July 1 - August 12 // Again and Again group exhibtion at MKG127, Toronto ON
October 21 – November 18 // Soft Drusen solo exhibtion at MKG127, Toronto ON
Soft Drusen
October 21 to November 18, 2017
MKG127, Toronto ON

1-2. Installation 3. Not on, but in, resin, tint, maple wood, latex paint 4. Copies are like waves, no.1-3 injekt prints 5. Viewfinder gossamer, rod, slides 6. A different orientation, porcelain tile, mdf 7. Making copies, resin, tint, beech wood, empty printer cartridges 8. Looking past something, to something else, maple wood, latex paint, mirrored acrylic 9. Surfaces as almost grids and almost gradations, porcelain tile, mdf 10. Shards and sharing, resin, tint, artist publication, brass, latex paint 11. Arrangements featuring lines, planes and masses, resin, tint, broadsheet excerpt 12. Anothers Reflection resin, tint, sunshade

A conversation between myself and Kim Neudorf loosely based on the word refusal.
SIM Residency
Reykjavik Iceland
May 2 to May 31, 2017

It's Symptomatic
16.5 x 23.4 inches
laser print
black and white
edition 50
January 12 to March 03, 2017
Stride Gallery, Calgary AB

1. Ceasing laser prints on acetate, laser prints on lighting filters, clear acrylic and tinted acrylic cases. 2. Gradation windshield sunshade, collaborative publication with Colin Miner 3. Foresee urethane, brass, latex paint 4. Slip aluminum tread plate, powder coating 5. Temporary Supports Velcro, vinyl backing 6. Installation.

Collaborative publication with Colin Miner: Semblance and Shadows Like Anxiety, text by Jacquelyn Ross.
June 17 to July 16, 2016
Open Studio, Toronto ON

1. Left: Staging no.1b screen print on lighting filter, acrylic case, Right: Staging no.1 screen print on acetate, tinted acrylic case 2. Left: Staging no.2b screen print on layered acetate, acrylic case. Right: Staging no.2, screen print on acetate, acrylic case

Accompanying text: Liza Eurich: Staging, by Kendra Ainsworth
May 12 to June 25, 2016
G Gallery, Toronto ON
with Tegan Moore

1-2. Installation 3. One hundred and eighty degrees, mirror, transparent clips, screws 5. Encasing, acrylic, screws 6. Wall mounted rack: one addition, maple, urethane, latex paint 7. Freestanding rack: one addition, maple, urethane, latex paint 8. Freestanding rack: one addition (detail), maple, urethane, latex paint 9. Not Quite There no.22, Failed drawing, frame, carpet shield

Accompanying text: Momentary Arrest, by Karina Irvine
Either A New Or Existing Character
February 14 to March 14, 2015

1-6. Installation 5. Two levels: red accumulation mdf, latex paint, paper 8. Three levels: pedestal, mdf, paper, latex paint 9. Eeeee, maple and latex paint 10. Eeeee: not for placing, 2015 maple, stain, aluminum, paper 11. Two components: black rectangles, mdf, maple, paper, latex paint 12. Two components: tapeworm, mdf, maple, paper, latex paint 13. Two components: layered rectangles, mdf, maple, paper, latex paint 14. Wall mounted rack: two additions, maple, paper, acetate, masking tape, latex paint

It Exists In The Cut
April 20 to May 19, 2012

1-3. Installation 4. Standoff, cement, reinforcing steel 5. In Two Parts, paper, cardstock, adhesive 6. Through and Through, porcelain, grout and plinth 7. Standing, Resting, wood and clay 8. Neigh, paper